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In 2011, Bernalillo County began a process to develop the Bridge Boulevard Corridor Redevelopment Plan for the section of Bridge Boulevard between Coors Boulevard and the Barelas Bridge. The purpose of the plan was to identify strategies to support livability principles within the local community while effectively moving regional traffic through the corridor. The Plan was adopted by the Bernalillo County Board of Commissioners in 2013 and included zoning updates, roadway infrastructure recommendations, the identification of catalytic areas with redevelopment potential, and proposed phasing for improvement implementation.  

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Man crossing at a cross walk with flashing lights, somewhere along Bridge Boulevard

Though some design ideas have already been shared, the project team is reviewing potential alternatives and wants to understand which designs best reflect community needs.

The Bridging Los Vecinos project will include data collection, engineering analysis, public involvement with focus on equitable outreach, environmental analysis with focus on environmental justice, identification of alternatives, refinement of alternatives, stakeholder input and preliminary and final design plans prior to construction.

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